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Besides our serving ice-cream by the seaside in Table View, we cater for the following:

a)      Private functions:  party or a wedding for example, where a minimum number, type of ice cream, choices etc. are agreed upon.  This is booked and paid for in advance.

b)      Public events:  school sports day or your swimming gala, market day for example, where the public orders and pays for their own ice cream on the day.

c)       Public or Corporate:   where the organizer orders and pays for a specific amount of ice cream and the public collects the ice cream by voucher / token or we keep a record.

When we know what type of event you are planning on hosting, minimum and approximate maximum number of people, ice cream / milk shakes you require, date and venue etc., we would be able to send you a few suggestions & options based on your numbers and event type.
Once you have decided on the choice, we draw up a quote, and if accepted by you, the event is booked.

You are welcome to contact us at any time should you need a booking or simply to clarify the above.